Premises Liability Lawyer

The term liability is generally used to indicate legal responsibility, duty or obligation. An example would be when you take out a loan to buy a home, you are liable for the debt you caused by getting that loan. Liability is also created when a person or their property is harmed as a result of someone else’s negligence. In other words, you can be held liable for any injuries as well as property damage. Your Boynton Beach, Florida premises liability law firm – Bodden and Bennett, suggests that there are two types of liability, primary and secondary.

Premises liability law is a specialized body of law that targets the person in possession of land or some other type of premises. For example like the building where you work having inadequate security to keep workers safe, that could lead to an assault, injury, fire, toxic fumes or chemicals. Your premises liability law firm is fully aware and has the necessary experience with these type of cases. Your premises liability attorney in Florida is Bodden and Bennett law that includes, but is not limited to; a wide range of fact scenarios. Your premises liability attorney can even be your parachute and handle swimming pool accidents, unsafe elevators, and escalator accidents, too.

Most personal injury cases are based on one subject: negligence and premises liability is no exception. In order for your premises liability lawyer to win his or her case, the injured person is required to prove that the property owner was negligent in terms of being the owner or the responsible person in charge of the property. In short, negligence in this case simply means the owner was derelict in taking reasonable care of the property and remedy the existing situation.

While many states do require any property owner to exercise reasonable care with respect to ownership and maintenance to all people who might enter, other states still use an old rule that limits the owner’s duties of any property. However, in Florida your premises liability lawyer can explain that to generally succeed on any claim, they must prove these three things:

  • Property owner knew or should have known of any dangerous condition
  • Property owner failed to repair or give warning of that condition
  • Plaintiff was injured on the property

Note: In most cases in Florida, if the owner had no reason to know the condition they can’t be held responsible.