Injuries can happen at any time. In some cases, a person becomes injured due to no fault of their own. When you or someone you know have been in an accident on another’s property, you should always consult with an experienced premises liability attorney. Here we will discuss the 5 steps you should take when injured on someone else’s property.

1. Call 911

You should always call emergency services when a personal injury occurs. Though you may not experience pain immediately after the incident, there is a possibility of experiencing delayed injuries, and seeking medical attention days after the incident can result in a jury assuming you were not hurt at all.

2. Get contact information for eyewitnesses

Always get contact information from any eyewitnesses, even if they appeared on the scene soon after the incident occurred, they can provide crucial information of the environment you were in while injured and may become necessary witnesses.

3. Capture pictures and videos with your cell phone

If you are injured on someone else’s property you may be in no condition to gather evidence, you may need to have a friend take photos immediately, you need to have as many photos as you can from as many angles as you can get. Accident scenes can be altered and memories can become unreliable, you should always take and date photographs and videos of the scene, any property damage, and all injuries.

4. If you are injured, seek immediate medical attention

If you are hurt, you need to seek immediate medical attention. This is the most important task you should do when injured, regardless of how or where it occurred, you will want your medical condition treated by a medical professional. Even if you do not have critical injuries, it is still important to check with a medical doctor after an injury. Do not wait to seek medical attention, this results in insurance companies claiming that you were not hurt because you did not seek immediate medical attention.

5. Never give statements to any insurance companies without speaking to an attorney

You should never give statements to any insurance companies without speaking to an attorney, recorded or signed, any statements can be used against you later. Without having your attorney present to represent your interests, you may answer questions or discuss topics where your responses could be used against you if you were not extremely careful. This could result in it being more difficult to prove your case, as many things are taken out of context. You will make your case successful by waiting for your attorney to be present to assist you.